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“Mystic Minnow” Rainbow Trout #2

“Mystic Minnow” Rainbow Trout #2

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This batch painted by the legendary painter Dan from FOF Fishing!!!

The “Mystic Minnow”. Built with high end components and a custom pint job. Each Mystic Minnow weighs 4.5 grams and is 2.5 inches long (63.5mm). These baits are designed to “shimmy” on the fall and have a weighted transfer system that make them cast like a bullet. Designed to be fished in deep, slow pools and pockets OR ripped & twitched through fast, shallow current. Practicing Catch & Release is incredibly important to me and so I opted for single in-line hooks as opposed to trebles. Each hook has been hand tied with “bloody” red ties and then epoxied to last a lifetime. The Mystic Minnows have a very subtle “knock” when twitched or jerked to add an enticing sound for lurking aquatic beasts. 


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