Collection: Spell Slinger Spinnerbaits

The Spinnerbait has to be one of the most popular and recognized fishing lures of all time. From old school in-line styles for trout, to double bladed bass fishing styles and all the styles in between, Spinnerbaits just plain catch fish. Uncomplicated, timeless, efficient and effective, Spinnerbaits catch anything that swims. Our ultra finesse Spinners weigh in at about 1/8oz and can be used to target any species from trout, bass, crappie, bluegill and panfish. I’ve seen pickerel, pike and walleye eat these lures as well. “Spell Slinger” Spinners can be fished at any depth and anywhere in the water column depending on your retrieve speed. Unlike a traditional in-line style spinner, our lures eliminate the need for a swivel of any kind! No more annoying line twist! Just tie your favorite knot on the top bend of your spinner, and you’re ready to fish. With loads of color options to choose from and new colors always being added, you’re sure to get a bite in any water condition. Throw the fish something they’ve not seen before! Throw them a “Spell Slinger”! All of our Spell Slinger Spinners are about 1/8oz (4.5 grams) and come equipped with a single point Owner In-line hook that can be fished as they come, or tipped with your favorite micro soft plastic bait as a trailer.