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Trout Wizard Lure Company

“Mystic Minnow” Rainbow Trout Jerkbait

“Mystic Minnow” Rainbow Trout Jerkbait

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The “Mystic Minnow”. Built with high quality components and painted this round by Kyle Gracely the mastermind behind TGB BAITS (The Gracely Baits). Each Mystic Minnow weighs 4.5 grams and is 2.5 inches long (63.5mm). These baits are designed to “shimmy” on the fall and have a weighted transfer system that make them cast like a bullet. Designed to be fished in deep, slow pools and pockets OR ripped & twitched through fast, shallow current. Practicing Catch & Release is incredibly important to me and so I opted for single in-line hooks as opposed to trebles. Each hook has been hand tied with “bloody” red ties and then epoxied to last a lifetime. The Mystic Minnows have a very subtle “knock” when twitched or jerked to add an enticing sound for lurking aquatic beasts. 


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