Our Story

Ever since I was little, I enjoyed fishing. Whether I was chasing trout or perch with my old man, or lazily bobber fishing for bluegill with my mom, fishing has always been a hobby. My father, who was my fishing buddy, passed away early in my life and as I got older and life happened, I fished less and less. When I moved up to the beautiful mountains of Bend, Oregon, my passion for angling was reignited hotter than ever and now I never go anywhere without a stick and some tackle. I discovered an old tackle box that was my father’s and I found 2 unopened in-line spinners and fished one. I caught so many fish that day. Maybe the old man was watching from another plane. Fishing into the evening, I lost one of the lures. I decided not to open the other lure. So began my journey to building Spinners and soon after, Spoons. I was really tired of line twist constantly hampering my day on the water and so I took inspiration from my bass fishing lures and built an overhead style Spinnerbait, but very small. This new design was the key! No more line twist, and a lure the fish in my area hadn’t seen yet! Trout Wizard Lure Co was born from that passion to fish a semi-snagless, line twist free Spinnerbait. You’ll also notice my passion for Dungeons and Dragons, Conan The Barbarian, heavy metal and, of course, Wizards oozing into the names and themes of our lures! We hope you enjoy chuckin’ these little lures as much as we do!  “Go catch’em friends!” ~ Zack Owner/Operator of Trout Wizard Lure Company